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Stop Twisting


 If you've ever seen one of our competitor's Air Dancers™ dancing around you may have noticed the way the fabric gets twisted. This twisting is evident after just one use of an imported sky dancer. This twisting is because of the swirling vortex of air created by the blower. These blowers are pushing over 5200 cubic feet per minute! This powerful swirling air action can not be handled by import Sky Guys for two reasons:

  1. the material they use is just not designed for constant motion
  2. they do not incorporate any type of twist reduction

At, every unit that goes out the door includes an anti-twist system that prevents the fabric from stretching and twisting without loosing the dancing motion from bottom to top. This base is sewn into the skirt like panels to help straighten the air flow.


Combine this standard feature with our new PolyDance woven material and the result; an Air Dancers™ tube dude that dances better and lasts longer so you can get more use out of your investment. How much more use? units are lasting 2 times longer than standard US made Sky Dancers and up to 10 times longer than imports. quality will not be beat! Order one now!


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  • Mitch Belfry