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Reseller? I think not.

In the business I'm in I get a lot of emails from China. Manufacturers of all types of promotional products trying to get my company to buy from China and resell to you at a mark up. Most are the same promotional products we make. And I say same because they have the same applications and are called the same thing but that's it. Flags, tents, table covers, air dancers and just about anything that's can be custom manufactured. They are not the same in any other way. Prices are cheap. 

The other day I got an email from a Chinese company selling custom printed fabric. The prices in the email are quite low. In fact, prices in these emails I get daily are less than it costs me to make the products we sell. Now let's think about that for a moment...My company, Balloon Boys Promotions, is a manufacturer. We buy wholesale Velcro, thread, fabric, ink (dye), transfer paper for dye sublimation, grommets and all the other little hardware pieces that go into constructing promotional products for our customers. We buy in bulk to keep costs as low as possible and I even do some of the sewing myself to further the savings and pass them on to our customers. Now even with all of that it still costs me more than if I were to buy it from China and sell it to you. So why don't I? Why don't I bypass the headaches involved with the manufacturing process, keep overhead low and just be a middleman? 

The reason is simple. The answer is one word. 


The quality of our products is much higher than that of an overseas printer. We use higher quality fabric, thread, Velcro, inks and all the other little things that make a product. 

We create local, good paying jobs and support the local economy. 

Canadian manufacturing is suffering because not many companies believe in quality the way I do. But many will claim they do. So many middlemen will sell a product to a customer as their own when really it's been imported at a fraction of the cost. I met a guy selling flags on the side of the road today. You know the kind...sets up a van and surrounds it with flags. I asked where he gets his flags. First he said he made them but quickly changed his tune when I started asking the tough questions like printing types, fabric and UV treatments.  Turns out he is importing. If you've read this far you're probably thinking; ya ya so what? What's wrong with that or why do I care? The stuff he buys costs him less than Balloon Boys best prices. I'll tell you the problem. I'll tell you many problems. The inks used in many overseas products are cheap because they don't have proper quality control or environmental regulations. Lead and other toxic chemicals can be found in the fabrics and inks. The PVC used in their tent canopies are the most toxic plastics on the planet and at the end of all that...(this is where you come in) ... a product from overseas will only last 1/5 the time a Canadian made product will last. Now can you tell me that's worth saving a few bucks!? Of course you can't. It's not. 

We don't charge 5x the price because it lasts longer. We don't even charge 1.5x more than overseas. In fact, our prices are only a few bucks higher. Those few extra dollars will be the best investment you could make. You're investing in a longer lasting, higher quality product. So if you've read this far I want to thank you. And here is a discount code for ten percent off anything purchased from this website. Upon checkout enter the code - quality - you'll get ten percent off your entire cart. If you don't yet know the better quality a product made by us is, you will soon. Our products will outlast an overseas product up to 5 times. Even some local made products can't match the quality of our printing process. See the Dye Sub vs. Direct to Fabric blog post to see what I mean. 

Own a brand worthy of your logo. Own a fabric that has been dyed the right way. The sublimation way. Own a promotional product made by Balloon Boys Promotions. Here is our Full Product Line

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  • Mitch Belfry