FREE Ground Shipping in Canada on all Air Dancers & Blowers

Our Air Dancers Carry a 6 Month Warranty has you covered. We warranty our Air Dancer body and arm seams for 6 months (1500 hours). If, for any reason, any seam on the body or arms of your Air Dancer pops open, we will repair it FREE of charge. Seams are the sewn part shown in the photo below. The great feature of our new PolyDance material is that it's very strong. It will not rip unless it snags or is caught on something. For that reason, we recommend keeping your Air Dancer away from anything sharp when in use. Do not use in high winds or inclement weather. Tears should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid further tearing. We recommend using Gorilla tape to fix rips. We do not advise you allow the fan to sit unused outdoors for long periods to avoid possible water damage. Although rain is not a covered repair, in 16 years we have yet to see a fan get damaged due to use in rain.

If you require a warranty repair, simply ship your Air Dancer (material only) back to and we will repair and ship it back the next day to reduce down time.

Normal wear and tear is not considered warranty. Warranty assumes customer to take reasonable care of unit.