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Communicating to the Customer on the Go – Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

The main idea behind outdoor advertising is convincing the customers to behave in a certain way. Advertising motivates customers to buy certain products. There are many advertising ideas out there, especially if you want to advertise outdoors. In these hectic times, people spend less and less time in front of their televisions and laptops, and they are always on the go. Communicating to consumers who are outside all the time can be very difficult. This is where outdoor advertising comes in.

An important role of outdoor advertising is shaping the demand for any given product. There are indeed many advertising ideas to choose from. A shop can have a custom printed flag displayed in front of the door, which will attract customers who will potentially spend money there. Air dancers are also a very effective way of advertising your business. First of all, they can be seen from afar, and they attract attention of both adults and children because they are a fun kind of advertising.

If you want your business to portray an image of being adventurous, trustworthy, and reliable, you should opt for a balloon installed above your store. Balloons come in many colours and can be enriched with any message you want to communicate.

It is very important to participate in conventions and trade shows in order to showcase your business and the qualities that define it. This is where trade show marketing products such as tents and custom table covers come in. They are very effective in communicating the right message to visitors. They also differentiate themselves from other plain white tents and table covers in the vicinity.

When it comes to custom printing materials, you should know that we use the dye sublimation printing method. This method has a lot of benefits compared to toxic vinyl or direct printing on fabric. Dye sublimation actually changes the color of the fabric in its core. Advertising products that have been modified in this way boast in being the highest quality available in the market.

To sum up, outdoor advertising has several benefits. First of all, it is cost-effective – it costs less than advertising in electronic media. Furthermore, it is high-volume, meaning that these advertisements are seen by a lot of potential customers every day. There is no working hours of an outdoor ad because they are available to commuters 24 hours 7 days a week. And lastly, there's also repetitive exposure – if you expose customers to your brand several times or more, it will surely leave an impression on them.

Great Advertising Ideas

First of all, it is important to distinguish between marketing and advertising. Marketing is a science of product generation in order for the products to be sold and promoted. Advertising, on the other hand, is one subset of promoting these products. The first thing you have to do before actually approaching advertising ideas is to get to know your customer. If you run a small business you probably already know who your customers are but if you are a business in development, it is probably a good idea to make a list of key features of your customers, such as shopping habits, their locations, age, gender and what they are trying to receive when they are buying your product. Once you have established the characteristics of your customers, you can then approach various advertising ideas

One of the most common advertising ideas is email marketing. This option is very efficient for small businesses, but also businesses that are just beginning to communicate with potential customers. 

Then there is the matter of postcard marketing, which is an affordable, fast and easily performed method of contacting your clients. By mail, you can send postcards, catalogs, mail packages, newsletters, self-mailers and many other types of mail. 

Another good advertising idea is to print fliers and have magazines insert them into their issues. The best way to inquire about this service is to contact the advertising department of a magazine. They will inform you about availability and prices. 

When it comes to online advertising, there are many advertising ideas you can consider. For instance, there is the online phone directory like Yellow Pages. Then there is the natural search engine optimization and paid search. This is an efficient way of advertising because customers tend to trust information they found themselves by searching via Google or any other search engine. 

Of course, there is always social networking. More and more companies are realizing that this is one of the most efficient advertising ideas. Creating Facebook fan pages or MySpace, LinkedIn, or Twitter profiles, and writing blogs can really drive your sales up. Social media is very good for interacting with your customers and plays a pivotal role in providing feedback so you can further develop your services.

Print advertising ideas give you the opportunity of being visible on the local, national or international level, and although it is a dying fashion of advertising, you can benefit from it. If you are advertising in upscale magazines, you will probably earn a good reputation. 

Billboards are beneficial when it comes to advertising, and there are several types of billboards. You can have your billboard installed on a highway, a train station, on a kiosk and so on. Billboards are very visible and are often looked at by people who are waiting for transportation. The drawback is that they aren’t at your location and are 2D (two dimensional). They're often ignored as they're so common place.

Giant rooftop balloons are an exceptionally good way of communicating to your audiences because they make your brand appear friendly, interesting and adventurous – this is what many customers look for in a brand. Having a 25’ balloon on your rooftop will surely make your business memorable. The sign is 3D - three dimensional, and can be lit up at night for 24 hour on site exposure telling customers exactly where you are.

Custom printed flags are also among interesting advertising ideas when they are placed in front of stores that have just been opened or stores which want to gain more attention from passersby.They communicate a short but very influential message and invite customers to go into the shop and drive sales. Shapes include feather, teardrop and rectangle.

Unlike other advertising ideas, air dancers are especially beneficial if there are custom printed. They are the the best and cheapest mobile advertising method – these figures dance with the help of air being pushed through them, and they are very visible from afar. Sky Dancers, or wavy guys as they are often called, are not as common as billboard advertising and so using them will really get you noticed.


Tents are communicating your logo and the products you offer. They are efficient in festivals and other similar events because they attract attention due to being different from plain white tents that surround them. Custom printed Event or Vendor Tents communicate a full colour message that you are proud to set up under with a custom printed table cover. Adding a back wall or side rails for added printed space will help your set up stand out from the rest. 


One of the very influential advertising ideas is event marketing. Event marketing means holding an event in your shop, attending an industry conference or a trade show. This is very good for exchanging information, getting to know your competition and communicating about what you have to offer.

You can always advertise on classic media outlets such as radio and television. On the radio, you can broadcast commercials or sponsor certain shows. On television, you can also provide sponsorship for a show, pay for an infomercial or regular commercials, but beware that this is very expensive. And one fact to take into account is that many people now a days record their favourite shows and fast forward all the commercials or use services like Netflix which don't have commercials. These classic media outlets are a dying advertising method.

One of the most remarkable advertising ideas dates back to 2013 when Forbes magazine had a miniature hotspot installed inside selected issues of their magazine. They teamed up with T-mobile, and many customers were pleasantly surprised by this feature. It also made them carry around their Forbes, which is very good advertising for the magazine.

At the carnival in Rio de Janeiro beer cans were recycled in exchange for train tickets. The beer company in this way helped reducing the amount of garbage on the streets, made sure that the cans were recycled and also incited a lot of customers to use public transportation instead of cars. That reduced instances of drunk driving by 43 percent.

In Spain, Coca-Cola teamed up with the Momentum Madrid marketing agency, and they launched a lemonade machine, which conveniently lowered lemonade prices as the temperatures went up. This pleasantly surprised their customers, which resulted in brand loyalty. 

Personalize your approach to customers – say happy birthday to them via social networks or email, or regular mail if you have the time to organize the activity. 

Use staff photos on any promotional material you distribute – this way you will persuade your customers that your company is a living organism with a face. You will gain reputation as being friendly and reliable. 

Try to come up with a memorable slogan that differentiates you from your competition. If you are out of design ideas, hire a professional like Balloon Boys, and work with them until you come to a satisfactory solution. Balloon Boys Promotions isn’t just a balloon rental company anymore. They have out of the box advertising ideas that can help your company be memorable.

 And finally, be generous. Come up with gift ideas and award your customers for their loyalty. It can be a simple thing like a coffee mug, a paperweight, a pen, a letter opener and so on. Small gestures can go a long way!