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"I recently purchased one of your smaller Air-Dancers and since I set it up outside my sale I have had an increase in traffic of over 20%, well worth every penny. (my partner asked why I bought the unit and  now he askes did you set it up every  morning) The advice you gave and the speed in which you were able to fulfill my order was excellent. I am very pleased with the quality of the blower as well. I have even  been asked if I would rent the one I have here so I may be buying more soon .."

- Hadar F. from


Since we been using our Air Dancer, we've seen an increase in business traffic. We even take it to our Tent Sales!"

- Keith T. from Canadiana Spas

“McNain Communications, purchased a couple of AirDancers from to try at some of our stores. Our Mitchell office gets passed by a lot as it is on the out-skirts of the town but the AirDancer really helps get peoples attention to let them know we are here and open for business!”

- Dana H. from McNain Communications


"These guys are an intergral part of our bi-annual Tent Sales and draw tons of attention and traffic to our store. As soon as we put one up, countless people have asked where it came from - and I am more than pleased to recommend and their excellent service & product! Thank you!"

- Michelle N. from The Brick