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What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Us Different?

That's a great question. What makes this company and website different from any other promotional display company out there? Sure we have many of the same or similar products. But why should you buy from us if you don't know us? There are many reasons that you should care about....and some you may not! 

Canadian owned and Operated Small Business - Small business is the foundation of the Canadian economy. According to small business statistics from the government of Canada, small businesses make up 98.2 percent of employer businesses. When you support a small business you are supporting the local economy from which the small business is located. Employees will use their wages to buy local. And most likely buy from your company!

Family Company - There is something to be said for the personal attention that comes from knowing the business owner will be there for every step of the way during the production process of your sign, tent, flag or any of the many other printed products we manufacture. We put you first. We make sure you're treated the way we would want to be treated.

Quick production times - Our production times are some the fastest in the business. We strive to get your order from the design stage to printing and sewing as fast as possible so we make your deadline. Many of our products are ready in less than a week and some as fast as a few days. 

High Quality - The quality of your custom made product never suffers. We pledge to always produce a product that is up to our high standards. Each and every piece we make is tested for look and fit before it leaves our facility so that there are no surprises when you open the package. You have enough to worry about on your event day without your display needing to be one of them.

Consistent - Consistency is also something we pride ourselves on. If you order 1 flag or table cover from us today and then need to order another a few months from now take comfort in the fact that both will be exactly the same high quality.

Zero artwork or layout fees - Every custom design we layout for you is done free of charge. Once your order is placed you will have unlimited revisions to the design until you are satisfied and ready to print. Many other companies will charge $60, $90 or even $180 an hour to do your layout. Some might offer the first layout without charge but what if you need a change? A minor or major tweak? Many other custom printing companies will charge you for these things. Not us. Unlimited design changes until YOU are happy with the design and ready to print.

Accessories Included - When we quote you a price on anything we make, that cost is all in. It includes everything. Need a rolling frame bag with your pop up tent? Included. Need hardware for your hanging Orbit banner circle? Included. Need a storage bag for your custom printed feather flag? Included. 

So next time you need a promotional product for your trade show, retail display, dance competition, Big Sale or just something you need custom printed with your logo; remember that Balloon Boys and is a different kind of company. We make sure you are happy and there are no surprises. We put the customer first. That's you!

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