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What are those arm flailing guys called?


 Our product has many different names. Fly Guy, Tube Dude, Wavy Guy, Sky Dancer, Windy Man, Air Puppet and my favorite; Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-flailing Tube Man. The correct name are Air Dancers™ - and ours are the best in the business. We use the best material designed for constant motion.

Wikipedia defines Air Dancers™ as: "a large inflatable device consisting of a long tubelike sleeve attached to a powered fan blower also, which causes the sleeve to move in a dancing or flailing motion. Simple Airdancers resemble a vertical tube, but variants resembling humans with tube "arms" are also common. The products are generally about 20 feet in total height and are often used in advertising as attention-getters for businesses..."

What ever you call it, the bottom line is this small investment will increase your bottom line. With an new wacky wavy guy, you'll modestly increase sales by 10% on a $500 investment - you just can't find that anywhere else. - the best Air Dancers™ in Canada!

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  • Mitch Belfry