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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship?

We now ship Worldwide! Customers in Canada and the USA may pay with any payment method we accept. International customers are limited to paying by Western Union or wire transfer - Please email us for wire payment details. Any order outside of Canada or the USA that is not paid by Wire or Western Union will be canceled. We do not ship to P.O. Boxes. If you enter a P.O. Box your order will be delayed until we can confirm a valid shipping address.

What is the cost to get wording or my logo on a product I purchase from

We custom print all our products from top to bottom using a process called dye sublimation. This adds zero weight by permanently changing the colour of the fabric. All custom printed products can be washed and your artwork will not flake or peel off. We are the manufacturer and as such you pay discounted printing rates. The retail dye sublimation rate is around $7-9 per square foot. Most of our printed products cost only $3-5 per square foot.

What is Dye Sublimation?

Dye Sublimation printing is a printing process based on a chemical reaction. Special dyes are printed by our large digital printers onto paper. These dyes have the property of becoming gaseous at 200C. The paper and fabric are pressed together in a large calendar, or heat press. The image is transferred to the fabric during this heating process. The heat not only transfers the ink but it also imbeds, or sublimates, the ink into the fabric and sets it so it won't run or fade. Dye Sublimation is be done primarily on polyester fabrics and offers a very good bleed through with zero added weight.

How long will my air dancer last?

MATERIAL ONLY - this question does not apply to the inflation fan


-This depends on how often you use it. 1500 hours is the average life span of an Air Dancer.  If you use your dancer every day for 8 hours a day it should last about 6 months. Our Air Dancers carry a 6 month warranty on the sewn seams. Some customers are reporting their dancers lasting up to 12 months with less than frequent use (like 2-3 days per week). We do not recommend using your dancer 24 hours a day as the life span will be significantly reduced to less than 2 months. Do not use near trees, poles, signs or other objects. Your Air Dancer is made of strong, but very thin woven polyester. It can get small holes if not used properly. If your Air Dancer gets torn, use Tear Aid hole repair or Gorilla tape and cover the inside and outside of the rip. It is highly recommended that you do not leave your air dancer up during snowstorms, high winds and thunderstorms. It is also highly recommended to bring your air dancer in at night.

What advantages are there to using an Air Dancer?

Typical increases range from 10%-30% in less than 30 days! 10-times the floor traffic at 1/10 the cost of Newspaper, TV or Direct Mail. Inflatable advertising Air Dancers help you leverage your greatest asset - your location!

How much is shipping?

All units ordered are shipped from Cambridge, Ontario. Shipping is calculated by our preferred rates from multiple carriers at the time of shipping. Add the desired products to your cart and enter your postal code to obtain your shipping rate. However, shipping Air Dancers and blowers within Canada by ground is FREE. 

Does my Air Dancer come with the fan?

Yes. Each standard Air Dancer package comes with an 18 foot Air Dancer and the BEST CETL approved Air Dancer blower in the world. CETL includes CSA approval certification for use within Canada and the USA. It is very important to make sure your blower is certified CETL - CE is NOT an approved certification for use in Canada. Each mini Air Dancer package comes with a 10 foot dancer and mini blower.  However, you can purchase the Air Dancers or Fans separately HERE

Do I get a Warranty?

Yes! There is a 6 month on all Air Dancers purchased from Your warranty covers all sewn seams! Your fan is a CETL approved Vortex blower with a 1 year manufacturers warranty on the motor and 5 years on the motor housing. These fans have been known to last up to 10 years. 

How easy are Air Dancers to maneuver / plug in?

Your Air Dancer with fan weighs only about 35 lbs and can fit in the trunk of your car. Each comes with 4 wheels - install and roll to your display area. They are easily plugged in to a regular outlet and turn on with the flip of a switch.

Do I need a permit?

Some municipalities require permits for outdoor advertising. It is highly recommended that you check your city by-laws before seeking this advertising solution. Air takes no responsibility and makes no warranty with regards to the by-laws of ANY municipality. Written or implied. By-laws frequently change and we have no way to keep up with this aspect. will not be held responsible for any fines imposed by by-law enforcement and we will not refund your purchase once you have used your Air Dancer.

Can I stick artwork on an Air Dancer myself?

This is not recommended. Our Custom Dye-Sublimated Air Dancers are available at reasonable costs and the possibilities are endless. We make a very high quality custom printed Air Dancer.