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The New Style of Custom Printing on Fabric

Since the concept behind customized and made-to-order products was introduced, the demand for products that are unique has increased. Generally speaking, customization means producing something that has been made or altered according to specific requirements. The process involves considering several factors including style and taste, objective, time schedule, as well as budget. What appeals to people is that they can stand out in a crowd due to the fact that they are unique compared to other mass produced pieces.

 Custom Printing Options

There is no surprise, therefore, to expect customization applied in textile and fabric. As a matter of fact, a lot of people prefer custom printing on fabric because aside from the fact that they can really standout in a crowd, control over the selection of colours to use, as well as the method of creating an output is entirely up to their preferences. 

The highest quality style is dye sublimation. This special process utilized by Balloon Boys Promotions involves directly dying the fabric so that it retains its soft feel and drape with zero added weight. The fabric is dyed with the use of a large heat press, which is capable of transferring custom prints from special sublimation paper, which are odourless. The best part about this type of custom printing is that the resulting fabric is wrinkle resistant and may be handled and washed without harming the print. Finishing the fabric by sewing to suit the hardware, be it a table or geometric shape wrap. The soft look of the finished product is very popular with business owners as fabric can also be folded easily, adding to its convenience. 

 The Use of Custom Prints

There are a lot of reasons why people would need custom printing services. The fabric created can be turned into clothes, curtains and other purposes. However, one of the most popular uses of custom printing on fabric, especially the one which went through dye sublimation is in trade show products. Almost all tradeshow exhibitors would certainly want a display that has very unique yet easily transported and washed while on the road. Trade show exhibitors use custom printed table covers, flags, tents and even custom printed trash can covers.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom printing. Balloon Boys begins with a blank canvas to create higher quality prints to showcase your business. Contact us today for a quote on any custom printed fabric product or place your order on the website today!