FREE Ground Shipping in Canada on all Air Dancers & Blowers vs. Rip Stop

  • Uses Woven PolyDance designed for constant motion and the force of a high output blower
  • Can be ANY colour and exactly matched to your specifications
  • Has the option for sewn face OR dye sublimated artwork
  • Carries a 6 month warranty on all seams
  • Proudly Made in Canada


  • Uses rip-stop nylon made for parachutes and boat sails - minimum motion - will be torn by the blower
  • Only comes in certain colours
  • Allows air to 'spin' material and twist out of shape in a short time
  • Silk screened letters which flake and peel off
  • They claim to have a one year warranty but only if it hasn't been used
  • Imported

You can tell the difference between an sky dancer and an import by the way it dances. Take a look at the video of our unit above. Notice how most of the movement is in the upper 50% and the dancing motion is fluid and pleasing to the eye?

Now look at the import below - it needs to nearly fall over before it goes back up. This can be bad for the material as it constantly touches the ground. Imagine this on a windy day!

Our Air Dancers™ require less space to operate which is another plus for confined spaces.

At, we show photos and video of actual Air Dancers in use. Unlike the 'other guys' using Rip Stop - some don't even show photos of their product - just a digital image showing a cartoon.

Don't be fooled into getting the worst Air Dancer at the best price. Insist on the best -

An warranty covers all body and arm seams. You can see we surge all edges (the fancy thread weave over the edge of the fabric) to maximize life using a UV polyester thread. Unlike Rip Stop imports on the right using a single nylon lock stitch not even seen in the cheapest of clothing. Rip stop seams are known to pop open in just a few uses. Seams

Import/Rip Stop Seams


 Another way to tell if you have an import is by the way the arms connect to the body. Import units have poorly constructed, skinny arms while an dancing tube man has much stronger arm to body connections.

You need to ask yourself if you want the investment you make to provide a return with little upkeep or create problems. We'd hate to see you have a bad experience with an Air Dancer™ made of RipStop. With a new PolyDance wacky wavy guy, you'll modestly increase sales by 10% on a $500 investment - an investment that's going to last you 6 months with regular use - you just can't find that anywhere else. - the best Air Dancers™ available!
Air Dancers™ is the Canadian Trademark of Balloon Boys and - Our Air Dancers are proudly manufactured by us in Canada. We do not manufacture the blowers.