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Anniversary 2018

Anniversary 2018

The month of March marks our 7th year of online Air Dancer sales!
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Black Friday Sale 2017

Black Friday Sale 2017

Get Ready!

Black Friday Sale. 25% off your ENTIRE purchase online at That's right....every item on the entire site is 25% off.

Starting Thursday November 23 and running until Cyber Monday November 27th. Be ready.

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What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Us Different?

That's a great question. What makes this company and website different from any other promotional display company out there? Sure we have many of the same or similar products. But why should you buy from us if you don't know us? There are many reasons that you should care about....and some you may not! 

Canadian owned and Operated Small Business - Small business is the foundation of the Canadian economy. According to small business statistics from the government of Canada, small businesses make up 98.2 percent of employer businesses. When you support a small business you are supporting the local economy from which the small business is located. Employees will use their wages to buy local. And most likely buy from your company!

Family Company - There is something to be said for the personal attention that comes from knowing the business owner will be there for every step of the way during the production process of your sign, tent, flag or any of the many other printed products we manufacture. We put you first. We make sure you're treated the way we would want to be treated.

Quick production times - Our production times are some the fastest in the business. We strive to get your order from the design stage to printing and sewing as fast as possible so we make your deadline. Many of our products are ready in less than a week and some as fast as a few days. 

High Quality - The quality of your custom made product never suffers. We pledge to always produce a product that is up to our high standards. Each and every piece we make is tested for look and fit before it leaves our facility so that there are no surprises when you open the package. You have enough to worry about on your event day without your display needing to be one of them.

Consistent - Consistency is also something we pride ourselves on. If you order 1 flag or table cover from us today and then need to order another a few months from now take comfort in the fact that both will be exactly the same high quality.

Zero artwork or layout fees - Every custom design we layout for you is done free of charge. Once your order is placed you will have unlimited revisions to the design until you are satisfied and ready to print. Many other companies will charge $60, $90 or even $180 an hour to do your layout. Some might offer the first layout without charge but what if you need a change? A minor or major tweak? Many other custom printing companies will charge you for these things. Not us. Unlimited design changes until YOU are happy with the design and ready to print.

Accessories Included - When we quote you a price on anything we make, that cost is all in. It includes everything. Need a rolling frame bag with your pop up tent? Included. Need hardware for your hanging Orbit banner circle? Included. Need a storage bag for your custom printed feather flag? Included. 

So next time you need a promotional product for your trade show, retail display, dance competition, Big Sale or just something you need custom printed with your logo; remember that Balloon Boys and is a different kind of company. We make sure you are happy and there are no surprises. We put the customer first. That's you!

Order your display today!  Or Contact Us for more information

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Dye Sub vs. Direct to Fabric

Dye Sub vs. Direct to Fabric

We are comparing two ways to get your full colour print onto a piece of fabric. Two ways that are very different. There is dye sublimation and there is direct to fabric. 

Direct to fabric is exactly what is sounds like. A print head sprays tiny droplets of ink to make an image directly on to the fabric surface. When it comes off the printer and through the heater (heat sets the ink... sort of) the finished image is there to see. What you see is what you get. Most inks printed on fabric will spread or bleed. This bleed makes for an image that isn't as crisp as you might like it to be.

Dye sublimation is a completely different process. In fact, you don't even print on the fabric. You print on a special paper. A transfer paper. And you don't even print with ink. You're printing with dye. Dye that is actually a solid. When the dye is printed on the paper the image looks faded. Grainy. It doesn't look very nice at all. You think maybe something went wrong. Until you add heat, pressure and time. Think of sublimation a bit like cooking. We have ingredients; image printed on paper and the fabric. We have an oven; a press capable of reaching temps of over 200c (400F). And we have time; the length of time the ingredients are heated. 


Your heat press is hot and you send the paper with your image and the fabric you want it to transfer on through the press and then you wait. Anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes and what comes out the other end is nothing short of magic. Miraculously the colours have come to life in ways you never thought possible. Think of the most beautiful sunset you've ever seen and put it on a piece of fabric. Photographic quality not possible by any other printing method.                           

Best of all, the change is permanent. What you've done has actually dyed the fabric. This is not ink. No weight is added. Nothing can be felt. Unlike inks that are just on the surface, the fabric with dye sub is embedded. Inks will flake or peel off. Not Dye Sublimation. The dyed images remain sharp even after washing. 

Not only will it look good when it's first printed but it will continue to look better. Here is an example of two flags printed different ways. The flag on the left was printed direct to fabric using surface inks. Flag on the right was dye sublimated. Hard to tell the difference from far away and there isn't much detail, right?


Now look at the SAME two flags 8 1/2 months later. They've been on the same roof beside each other every day. Flag on the left is turning orange while the dye sublimated flag still looks sharp and red. Amazing!


Dye sublimation printers are capable of CMYK and Pantone colour matching so your logo will look as good as it's intended to in a flawless fabric print.


So next time, choose dye sublimation. Choose Balloon Boys Promotions and Get yourself one of our custom printed products here  - Custom Printed Products



*We do not guarantee our prints will not fade if used outdoors. The sun is a powerful thing - eventually all fabrics left outdoors will fade in the sun - ours have just been proven to last longer than other printing methods. 

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Reseller? I think not.

In the business I'm in I get a lot of emails from China. Manufacturers of all types of promotional products trying to get my company to buy from China and resell to you at a mark up. Most are the same promotional products we make. And I say same because they have the same applications and are called the same thing but that's it. Flags, tents, table covers, air dancers and just about anything that's can be custom manufactured. They are not the same in any other way. Prices are cheap. 

The other day I got an email from a Chinese company selling custom printed fabric. The prices in the email are quite low. In fact, prices in these emails I get daily are less than it costs me to make the products we sell. Now let's think about that for a moment...My company, Balloon Boys Promotions, is a manufacturer. We buy wholesale Velcro, thread, fabric, ink (dye), transfer paper for dye sublimation, grommets and all the other little hardware pieces that go into constructing promotional products for our customers. We buy in bulk to keep costs as low as possible and I even do some of the sewing myself to further the savings and pass them on to our customers. Now even with all of that it still costs me more than if I were to buy it from China and sell it to you. So why don't I? Why don't I bypass the headaches involved with the manufacturing process, keep overhead low and just be a middleman? 

The reason is simple. The answer is one word. 


The quality of our products is much higher than that of an overseas printer. We use higher quality fabric, thread, Velcro, inks and all the other little things that make a product. 

We create local, good paying jobs and support the local economy. 

Canadian manufacturing is suffering because not many companies believe in quality the way I do. But many will claim they do. So many middlemen will sell a product to a customer as their own when really it's been imported at a fraction of the cost. I met a guy selling flags on the side of the road today. You know the kind...sets up a van and surrounds it with flags. I asked where he gets his flags. First he said he made them but quickly changed his tune when I started asking the tough questions like printing types, fabric and UV treatments.  Turns out he is importing. If you've read this far you're probably thinking; ya ya so what? What's wrong with that or why do I care? The stuff he buys costs him less than Balloon Boys best prices. I'll tell you the problem. I'll tell you many problems. The inks used in many overseas products are cheap because they don't have proper quality control or environmental regulations. Lead and other toxic chemicals can be found in the fabrics and inks. The PVC used in their tent canopies are the most toxic plastics on the planet and at the end of all that...(this is where you come in) ... a product from overseas will only last 1/5 the time a Canadian made product will last. Now can you tell me that's worth saving a few bucks!? Of course you can't. It's not. 

We don't charge 5x the price because it lasts longer. We don't even charge 1.5x more than overseas. In fact, our prices are only a few bucks higher. Those few extra dollars will be the best investment you could make. You're investing in a longer lasting, higher quality product. So if you've read this far I want to thank you. And here is a discount code for ten percent off anything purchased from this website. Upon checkout enter the code - quality - you'll get ten percent off your entire cart. If you don't yet know the better quality a product made by us is, you will soon. Our products will outlast an overseas product up to 5 times. Even some local made products can't match the quality of our printing process. See the Dye Sub vs. Direct to Fabric blog post to see what I mean. 

Own a brand worthy of your logo. Own a fabric that has been dyed the right way. The sublimation way. Own a promotional product made by Balloon Boys Promotions. Here is our Full Product Line
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The New Style of Custom Printing on Fabric

Since the concept behind customized and made-to-order products was introduced, the demand for products that are unique has increased. Generally speaking, customization means producing something that has been made or altered according to specific requirements. The process involves considering several factors including style and taste, objective, time schedule, as well as budget. What appeals to people is that they can stand out in a crowd due to the fact that they are unique compared to other mass produced pieces.

 Custom Printing Options

There is no surprise, therefore, to expect customization applied in textile and fabric. As a matter of fact, a lot of people prefer custom printing on fabric because aside from the fact that they can really standout in a crowd, control over the selection of colours to use, as well as the method of creating an output is entirely up to their preferences. 

The highest quality style is dye sublimation. This special process utilized by Balloon Boys Promotions involves directly dying the fabric so that it retains its soft feel and drape with zero added weight. The fabric is dyed with the use of a large heat press, which is capable of transferring custom prints from special sublimation paper, which are odourless. The best part about this type of custom printing is that the resulting fabric is wrinkle resistant and may be handled and washed without harming the print. Finishing the fabric by sewing to suit the hardware, be it a table or geometric shape wrap. The soft look of the finished product is very popular with business owners as fabric can also be folded easily, adding to its convenience. 

 The Use of Custom Prints

There are a lot of reasons why people would need custom printing services. The fabric created can be turned into clothes, curtains and other purposes. However, one of the most popular uses of custom printing on fabric, especially the one which went through dye sublimation is in trade show products. Almost all tradeshow exhibitors would certainly want a display that has very unique yet easily transported and washed while on the road. Trade show exhibitors use custom printed table covers, flags, tents and even custom printed trash can covers.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom printing. Balloon Boys begins with a blank canvas to create higher quality prints to showcase your business. Contact us today for a quote on any custom printed fabric product or place your order on the website today!