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News — new material for sky dancer


Unlimited Colours and Graphics

Do you want a custom Air Dancer™? I'm not just talking about your own wording or letters...I mean a fully colour, graphics and logo customized Wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing tube man.

We now offer these!! Our new material can be Dye Sublimated . Dye Sublimation is fancy wording for heating up the ink and actually changing the fabric by solidifying into it's fibres. The fabric is permanently dyed so it can be washed without damaging the quality of the image.

Take a look at the detail and sharp lines in these dye sublimated Air Dancers™:


What do we need from you to do this?

First, order a Custom Dye Sublimated Air Dancer™ Next, we will contact you and ask for your artwork/logo in Vector format. Vector format is a file with the extension - .ai or .eps.

Once we have your artwork and a brief description of your desired design, we'll provide you with a mock up of your Air Dancer™.

If any changes are needed, we will complete them. Then simply approve the design and we will get to work printing and sewing your new custom dye sublimated Air Dancer™. Delivery time is about 3 weeks and you can expect your Air Dancer™ to last 6 - 12 months with regular use.

Updates - New Product: Material

 Air has introduced a new material for our Air Dancers. We no longer use ripstop nylon which fades, can’t be printed on and was never designed for the constant motion and the damaging high output from Air Dancer Fans.

This new material is a woven polyester we call PolyDance. We've been testing it for some time now and found it to last 2 X longer than ANY other material (10 times as long as imports). It does not fade in the sun as quickly and can handle the output of the best fan in the business, the B-Air BBII Vortex Blower.

We still carry generic units for fast shipping but now we can offer the option to add lettering to your Air Dancer or, for the serious advertiser, full colour dye-sublimated Air Dancer fabric allowing for unlimited colours, wording and logos.

So don't wait - Order online now or call Mitch @ 416-892-1744 


 Welcome to our recently updated Air Dancer website., your Canadian source for top quality Air Dancers, Sky Dancers, tube men, wacky wavy guys or any of the many names our product has. Our new website is launching at the same time as our updated Air Dancer material. Specially developed woven polyester designed to move and dance better than any other material on the market. Insist on an advertising sky dancer for your next event.