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Exchange Rates


Headaches involved with duty and exchange rates for Canadians buying from American manufacturers can discourage even the most patient buyer. The current exchange USD to Canadian dollar is $1.25. That means that for every dollar spent it costs you an extra 25 cents or more in exchange. Then your credit card company needs to make a few cents off the transaction so when it's all over and done with, the $100 product you bought from the USA has cost you $130. Tack on expensive shipping and a hefty duty charge and you've nearly doubled the price of a simple purchase. Wouldn't it be much easier to order from a Canadian manufacturer? I think so.

Balloon Boys manufactures many of the same products found in the USA and our prices are very competitive. Flags, Air Dancers, Pop Up vendor Tents, Trade show items like Table Covers and any custom printed fabric product you can think of. Not everything we are capable of is listed on our website for immediate purchase. If you have a product you like us to custom print and sew for you, send us an email and tell us just what you're looking for. We make Construction Fence Banner fabric for sales sites of home & condo builders, custom print Trade Show Flooring, custom product giveawaysLuxury Fabric Banners and Polyester Flags of any country, territory, state or province. Have us make a custom Flag with anything you want on there. 

You'll find us in Cambridge, Ontario doing everything in house from the artwork and printing right through to sewing and finishing of your purchase. So keep more of your money and get a quality product from Balloon Boys and

Now for our American customers - Your strong dollar has more buying power since we charge in Canadian dollars. Take, for example, our plain Air Dancer. $439 buys you the highest quality Air Dancer available on the market - you can read more about our quality and fabrics throughout this website. But in US dollars this is closer to $350 at the current exchange. Pair that with our great shipping rates and the fact that our products are covered under NAFTA (so you won't pay duty) and you've save a good chunk of change over some of the "other guys" selling China imported products that will fall apart after just a couple uses.

We urge you save money and get a quality product right here. Hover over the SHOP tab above to search through our products and if you don't see what you're looking for, send us an email and tell us what you need. If we can't make it, we'll point you to someone who does.

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  • Mitch Belfry