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The Power of Using Flags in Advertising


Flags have ultimately become a vital part of our everyday lives though we may not really notice it. For one, if we are talking about the flags that represent our country, we show respect and reverence by standing and paying attention during the singing of the national anthem, and by pledging devotion while showing honor to it. Other uses of flag include putting it at half mast if a very important character in our country or the world passes away, thus showing expressions of mourning. On the other hand, when a servant of the nation dies, the flag is also placed on top of the coffin.

 The History of Flags

 The history of flags can be traced back to the days when there were proofs of their existence. The first flags that were used during battles were actually poles that are carved at the end. They serve as guide to the people living before. When knights go into battle, the flag is the only way that they can tell who their enemies are. At the same time, when white flags are being shown, it depicts the surrender of one side. When soldiers see the white flag, they stop the fighting. On the other hand, red flags represent danger.

 Every country in the world is represented by a flag. In the United States, each of the states is represented by its own star on the flag. The design also represents the specific characteristics of the place or the group that it is representing. Most often, as countries or groups change, the flags do so too. All throughout the years, the purpose of using flags has also evolved eventually.

 Modern Use of Flags

 We live in a world where advertising is considered a buzz word. It is a means of making heads turn while grabbing attention of the audience with the use of various means. With the enhancements of technology all over the world, the strategies involved in modern advertising has also changed along with the new mediums and forms that are currently being used in order to come up with more coverage.

 Still, the popularity of the so-called traditional means of advertising stays the same, even with the existence of modern methods entering the picture. One of the traditional advertising forms is the use of banners and flags in sending messages to your potential audience. One obvious advantage of using flags is that they can be readily customized to suit your preferences.

 How can custom print help you in making a mark? One of the most important points would be that the message is equipped with all around visibility. While advertising on TV may offer coverage for your product for about 25 seconds or less, banners can focus on the attention of your audience, making a long lasting impression that is generally much stronger compared to the traditional means.

 Customization is also one of the advantages of using custom print in advertising. A lot of manufacturers offer accessibility when it comes to their design ranges. They also provide one-on-one meetings with their clients. Through these personalized interactions, you may select a design, which can perfectly suit your requirements, and at the same time get suggestions on how the original design may be modified in order to suit your preferences. In most of the cases, the process will be discussed. The design will only be brought over to the next phase after your approval is secured.

 Providing Your Input

 Since you are working towards creating a custom print with the use of flags for your business marketing efforts, it is very important to have your say regarding the necessary modifications on the original design presented. This includes the selection of colour, logos and fonts. Colours used should be consistent with your company or campaign colour choices. Include your logo and be consistent with font choices to represent your brand.

 Another important feature that you need to focus on is the layout of the message. This is a process that should be done well, as it has the most impact on your target audience. All you need to do here is to highlight the most vital aspect of your message, laying a strong emphasis on your contact details provided in the signage. This can prove to be the most important point of contact existing between your company and your target audience. Keeping the message short and sweet so passers by can quickly and easily read your message is key.

 With the advent of the internet, searching for custom print service provider is not that difficult. As a matter of fact, a single search can provide you with a list of the options available in your area. Make sure that you are dealing with a provider who has been in the field for a long time already, as this can guarantee the quality of the output. Balloon Boys has been in business for 14 years. We know advertising and we know custom printed flags will help your business increase traffic. So even though the product might not be new, used for business advertising; flags can be a great tool and advertising idea.

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  • Mitch Belfry