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Cloudbuster Balloons and Pennants


Now available from in groups of 10 at the best online price; The original ToyTex Cloudbuster balloons in 4 foot and 5.5 foot diameter.

4 foot for just $24 per balloon and 5.5 foot for only $33 a piece. Compare to the manufacturers suggested retail price of $39 and $59 respectively. 

Giant Helium Cloudbusters! Advertise your Grand Opening or Big Sale with Cloudbusters from 4 feet, 5.5 feet flying 100 feet above your event on our economy pennant lines.

These Balloons command attention from miles away. Made from durable Qualatex Chloroprene (not latex). These are NOT imitation Cloudbusters. Don't be fooled by knock off latex balloons claiming to be Cloudbusters. Purchase any colour of our most popular sizes and fly with our colourful pennants. Made of durable Chloroprene, these are the original Toy Tex Cloudbuster Balloon

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  • Mitch Belfry