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Attracting Customers is Not the Only Use!


 Our air dancers are the best in the business - no question about it. They attract customers to businesses by bringing attention to your retail location. This is done using the best and longest lasting material available. I have recently been turned onto a new use for our Air Dancers.

This time of year, September and October, is grape harvest season - The type of grapes vineyards use to make wine. The owners of these vineyards have a hard time keeping the birds from eating their crop. Traditionally, they use scarecrows to keep the birds out. The type of figure that looks like a person. But do they actually work? While they may look like a person, they don't move. Kind of difficult to scare away birds with an inanimate object. Our Air Dancers  have been becoming very popular with these farmers and vineyards in place of the traditional scarecrow.


So whether you are trying to attract customers or scare away birds, has the product for you.





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  • Mitch Belfry