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Pop Up Tents


Also known as event displays, pop-up tents are great to utilize at any kind of event, be it indoor or outdoor. These instant covering could be utilized at conventions, trade shows, trade fairs or any other place wherein people gather;  event displays are instant covering which come in extremely handy. At any occasion, pop-up tent could provide shelter, shade against UV rays or from the light rain that makes them a natural draw. On the other hand, at indoor events the event display offers a central spot wherein people could find you as well as your products and services, their vivid colours draw the attention of all who pass. 

Pop-up tents are an extremely cost efficient means of marketing  your business, your goods as well as your services; they are very tough, hard wearing and durable and most of all could be personalized with lots of diverse sizes, the side panel adds one and custom or standard colours.  You can also bring this event display to anywhere you want with ease, they are handy and compact, easy to assemble and so easy to transport as well. They come with carry bags that make them simple to carry and keep them secured when not being utilized. 

The pop-up tent or event display is made of high quality material that is fade resistant and are extremely easy to maintain and clean. It’s really easy to stand out from the rest with the use of personalize pop-up tents and to draw the attention of the event goers. If you add side panels to your pop-up tent it will provide you display a direction, as well as keep all your equipment in the same area.

Pop-up tents are also great for use in your back yard. A table umbrella just covers your table. On the other hand, they could give enough room to act as an open porch, and outdoor dining area. A plain pop-up tent could be built up and utilized as a light shelter during the whole outdoor season. You can utilize an event display to give you a calming place to sit and relax during the heat of the day, or a soothing place to keep dry from light rain, at the same time enjoying the outdoor breeze. 

The uses of this event display are limitless. Having an occasion and like to make sure to secure the food from various elements, or have a stereo which you want to secure from  rain during the party, an event display or pop-up tents could be the best solution. Pop-up tents are beneficial both for your business needs and personal needs.


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  • Mitch Belfry