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Air Dancer shipping with FexEx

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How much will my shipping cost? A great question

Ground shipping rates in Canada for a single Air Dancer with blower average $25-$30 in Ontario, $50-$60 in B.C, and $40-$50 in Nova Scotia. To find your shipping rate, add your products to your cart and begin checkout. When you enter your shipping info, we connect directly to FedEx to get real time rates that include our discount passed on directly to you.

Shipping times vary depending on where you are in the country and which method you choose. We recommend opting for ground shipping as it will be cheapest. Even with ground shipping, Air Dancers that are in stock (not custom orders) are shipped in just 1- 3 days and will arrive to nearly any Canadian address in 2 - 6 business days.

For US customers; Shipping rates and times vary. Please enter shipping info in your cart to determine rates and delivery times.

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